Meetings, training sessions and workshops


Information for the speakers
It is important to populate this website with your presentations. After the presentation you should ensure that the file is available at the webmaster. For homogeneity with other documents, I strongly encourage you to use the pdf format.

Many methods are available to send to me the files (in order of preference):
        1) Directly at the meeting, using a USB memory stick, or leaving your presentation on the PC in the meeting room
        2) Send it by email to or (if the file dimension is not too big)
        3) Using "Dropbox" or "Google Docs". I registered to "Dropbox" with the email and to "Google Docs" with the email
        4) Asking to me a temporary access to my GNU/Linux server, and using the shell line command "scp" or a graphic client application like "FileZilla"

I am grateful to you, if you will do this extra little work after your presentation :-)
Thank you,

Franco Moglie