Working Groups

Researchers taking part in the WGs will meet, discuss and set the specific agenda on each subject of common
interest. Exchange of devices, measurements, modelling, etc. will be specified en route, as typical of the open
scheme of a COST framework. The Action can potentially lead to novel concepts for time domain
measurements and characterisation of stochastic fields. All stochastic field modelling and analysis will
happen hand in hand with the experimental source detection development. Thus the WG's will be strongly
correlated and Round Robin measurements/simulations of relevant properties will be useful for all WGs.
Furthermore the Action will efficiently exploit synergies between end users and technology developers to
guide further EU-level proposals. The COST Action will achieve its scientific objectives through three main
scientific themes and a standards WG.

  • WG1: Numerical methods for addressing the propagation of stochastic fields
  • WG2: Measurement of time domain stochastic near-field emissions
  • WG3: Equivalent models of noise sources
  • WG4: Guidelines for the formulation of standards